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2007. Hodderman: The Return [entries|friends|calendar]

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My Mom. [January 10, 2007 @ 4:55pm]
Typical conversation with my mom last night:

Mom: How long has that been there?
Me: What?
Mom: Aren't We Naughty.
Me: Ma, that's been there for like, forever.
Mom: Really?
Me: Ya ma, really.
Mom: Well, i didn't know that.
Me: You should go to Cafe Demetrie's sometime.
Mom: Where's that?
Me: Over there.
Mom: Jeeze, that's food.
Me: Yeah, and?
Mom: And I was talking about Aren't We Naughty. You're talking about food. How is that relevant?
Me: Ma, it's a desert place.
Mom: And?
Me: And you gotta start somewhere.*mom laughs* I mean, you gotta get from point a before you get to point b.
Mom: And you think food is the way?
Me: No ma, desert. Give a woman chocolate and ice cream and she's good to go.
Mom: Ha. Maybe in your guys generation. In my generation, we were smarter.

Haha. My mom is awesome. I love her.

New Layout [January 06, 2007 @ 3:07pm]
So, i finally took it upon myself to try and do some tweaking. The layout isn't complete (it's missing filler and so-forth) but the general outlay is clearly visible. I'm not sure, but there's something about it i don't like. I could just be anal about my own work. Either way, let me know what you think and give me any suggestions and criticisms. :)


[January 04, 2007 @ 11:25pm]
Dear E-World. I bring you brilliance. Disappointingly, today it is not my brilliance i bring to you, but that of another. Enjoy and appreciate.


That is all.

[January 01, 2007 @ 2:01pm]
Wow. It's been 6 months or so now since i've made use of this thing. I'm not sure why really. I think it's because i try not to pay too much attention anymore to the interweb because of its crazy ability to capture people, like myspace and things of the sort. Anyway, i figure, if i'm going to let a website steal me, why not it be one that i kind of have complete freedom in? So, without further adieu, Im Bringin Hodder Back. Yup. I'm doin it. 2007 is my year, and i shall make it a good one.

All of that aside, i'm glad 2006 is over. For a bunch of reasons, really. Not because it was a bad year, because it wasn't really. It had it's lows, but definitely wasn't a bad year. It had to happen the way it did, i think. Otherwise, I'd probably be unable to do what i need to do this year. It feels weird. It's here already. Too bad i'm injured and can't do much.

You see, i was out the other day, and somehow managed to hurt my ankle or my foot or something, it feels sprained, but i know i didn't do anything to it. But nonetheless, it's hurtin. So, the next day i put more pressure onto my other foot to alleviate pain, as you would, but then, i hurt that foot, and it too feels like its strained. Now, i wanted to go out last night. I made it to the liquor store, back to my friend Aurora's, who lives 5 minutes down the street, and then made that 5 minute walk in 20, before realizing i was in no shape to go to brampton and get shitfaced. So, my 07 probably started a few earliers than most people. Which i'm eerily fine with. I don't think i should be. But, i can't walk, so what can ya do. Anyway, i'm out for now.

Happy New Year all.


My cat thinks it's a bird. [June 28, 2006 @ 2:08am]
Ok, so my cat is in heat. And well, she's never really meowed to begin with, but now, while in heat, my cat meows like it's going out of style, and when she's not meowing, she's cooing. Yes. Cooing. Almost like a bird. I've never heard a cat make a sound other than a meow. This cat makes every other sound than a meow. It boggles my mind really. My mom always says that my cat is a little "slow". I always tend to agree. If animals had a short bus, I think my Alice would be on it. I'm not sure what it is, but it's a look in her eye...of constant wondrous confusion that does it I think. Either way, it's odd.

Speaking of odd, have you ever received a gift that in normal situations would be absolutely random, but because of the timing, means a helluva lot? I can say i have. It wasn't like it was thought out or anything, but an "i was out and thought you might like this" kind of thing. The gift i speak of, was a stress ball, the cost of which was unimportant, the thought however, wasn't. You see, at the time, i was pretty bummed out and having a rough time with everything that was going on with me, and then one monday, i see this relatively new friend of mine, who hands me a small white paper bag. Inside i find a small green ball with a picture of a dude pulling out his hair. I wish i could remember what the phrase on it was, but it made me laugh. How i accepted this gift, i actually can't recall. However, since i'm always so sweet and gentlemanly, i'll say i smiled brightly, said thank you, and gave her a hug. Yup. That's what happened. I'm sure of it now. Nobody can doubt it now anyway - it's written down on the internet. And if it's on the internet, it's gotta be true! So anyway, back to my point. This stress ball, because of it's timing, meant alot more to me than i think this person realized at the time and realizes now. If i hadn't wrecked it (yes, i was stressed..and yes, i broke the stress ball) i would surely still have it. Hopefully, one day i'll be able to return the favour :)...

On that note, i want to wish my close friend Sharmie luck on her exam today. You'll do great. You've definitely got my vote of confidence considering your status as my idol. haha. ok. Idol may be excessive, but i certainly look up to you for some things and you've got a stellar track record. If i were you, i wouldn't be worried. So, without need, i offer you luck on your exam. :)


I rock. [June 26, 2006 @ 10:25pm]
So today, for the first time ever, i managed to think of this particular thing and manage to be online to look it up - The Teddy Bears Christmas. Haha. Yes. Most of you remember should surely the Teddy Bear Picnic from your days as a wee lad or lass:
Hopefully along with that, you all know that there's a Teddy Bear Picnic movie. The point of my story here, is that for the looooooooonnnnnnnnggggggessssssssttt time i've been having this recurring thought of the Teddy Bear's Christmas and EVERYBODY I've EVER mentioned it to looks at me in confusion and goes "um. what the hell are you talking about?" Because of this, I began to feel myself doubting whether or not such a film ever existed because well, i remember it from my Newfoundland days somehow and it's Newfoundland after all, so it's probably some small ass christmas special with bears in it that i had coincidentally called the Teddy Bear's Christmas to date. However, this theory has since been disproved by yours truly.

Today, while talking to a friend, i somehow thought about it and looked it up. Success is mine! I thought as my eyes peered across the screen and my face light up immediately.

I now know what my intentions are when i get paid friday - to find and purchase a copy of this, purely because it's irked me for so long, and i've finally found it! Success will be mine! ALWAYS!

P.S. On a seperate note - weird coincidence tonight. My mom was watching a documentary on the KKK meanwhile, there was an episode of South Park on Fox about the KKK as well....weird, no?


I'm back, Bitches! [June 23, 2006 @ 2:46pm]
Haha. And boy am i back! To those of you who suck at the internet(yes, i do rock at it) i offer you john mayer's new track, Waiting On The World To Change, in album form, not live. Althogh i think i favour the live performances(who doesn't?) i like this as well, of course :)


Right click and save as :)


Goo Goo Dolls @ Opera House, Toronto Canada,April 11th, 2006. [April 13, 2006 @ 7:14pm]
Hey guys, i've been waiting for photos for this post, but i don't have them yet. In the meantime, here's a rared file of all the sound clips i got from the show. They're not the greatest, but i've yet to have the time to try and fix them, or make them a little clearer for thine(spelling?) ears, they're titled random numbers, so if anybody who happens to download it, can name the new songs for me, i'd be appreciative :). Each clip is about a minute long(my phone's limit) but i tried to get at least a couple minutes from each song.And if you listen from the first one down in order, you get the show in its set, i think. So, without further ado, here's my poor attempt at bootlegging.


If you take it, please comment. And like i said, if anybody can name the new ones for me, you'd be forever in my graces.

And here's what i remember from the show -

They opened the show with the new single Here With You and immediately broke into Big Machine right after.
They changed guitars, and i said to the person i was with "10 bucks says it's slide" and after talking to us for a minute about how good it is to be back on the road and excited about the new album. I'm not sure when this part happened, but i'll mention it now, because i remember it being early, but Johnny said the States were going to invade Canada for our oil. He then laughed at it, saying it was ridiculous, and then went "Yeah, we're just trying to say sorry about that one guys" or something before they slipped into Slide. I think it was either the first or second chorus Johnny said "you sing." and the crowd took over. It was love.

They then played something from the new album, which i fell in love with immediately. And followed it up with another new one, and a new Robbie one(i think it was like that. i could be making that part up. haha)Mind you, i think they Johnny changed guitars every song, and i think Robbie was like it just as much. Next guitar change was Gutterflower's Here is Gone followed by another Robbie track, which for the life of me i can't name.

I think it was after this song that they stopped to talk to us again. Johnny spotted a sign in the crowd, and he said he couldn't read it, so he asked if he could see it. Before showing it to us Johnny said "Wow, its' been bedazzled" or something to that extent. Or was it Glitterized? Anyway, he then showed it to us, it was "Let Love In/Goo Goo Dolls Kick Ass". Johnny and Robbie both got a kick out of the phrase "Kick ass" and then Robbie said that they should get the poster's design done on the back of their denim jackets. That made me laugh. haha.

I think they then played Black Balloon, which was awesome of course :). Then they broke into Long Way Down, after yes, another guitar change. haha. Another of their amazing songs resulted though, so i didn't complain. Another guitar change, and here came super old school Goo - Name. They played it beautifully, as would be expected. Then, at th end of the song, Johnny either had the very last verse repeated, you know, the really quiet one at the end, or they took a super pause between it and the rest of the song, so we could sing it super loud along with him.

They then played something i didn't know again which was another awesome track(i'm super excited about the album :D) before playing Broadway. Johnny sang "broadway is dark tonight" then said "come on" and he let us sing the first verse for him. Another highlight. I love it when that happens. And i love the Goos for doing it so often as they did :). They then did Better Days which well, was done amazingly as well. Before doing another new Robbie one and another few new ones(all of which are awesome).

We then heard a really long pause accompanied by one of those "there's something coming" type of sounds, before the opening riff of Iris began. I thought i was going to wet myself at that exact moment. I may even have a little. Who knows. I didn't check. Needless to say, i sang the entire song at the top of my lungs along with the rest of the crowd. Their last post-encore song was another new one, which was an amazing song, but caught me off guard, considering i figured Iris would be an encore or last of the non-encore playlist. But it worked.They thanked us and walked off stage.

Of course we wanted an Encore! So we waited. And then, from the front right of the crowd, the cheer "Olay, olay olay olay, OOOLAY, OOOLAAAY" began. I felt like i was at a soccer game, and the chant gained force and picked up, and i think most of the crowd was doing it before the guys reappeared for the encore. They played something new before capping the night off with an extremely spirited and lively performance of Give A Little Bit. They thanked us for the support once again, and were done for the evening. So was I. haha.

Oh, and last bit of detail = where the lights guys and the mixers and what-not were set up, i was immediately behind them, leaning on the railing, dead centre to the stage, no obstruction whatsoever. How about THAT for showing up at 8 when the doors opened. haha.
Overall - Weezer/Pixies last summer aside, this was the best show i've ever been to. Even better than when they were here for Gutterflower at the Hershey Centre. I think the small venue helped there, as the atmosphere was totally different from the Hershey Centre,well, sort of. you know what i mean. Either way, the $50 a ticket i paid on ebay, was more than worth it.
Pictures will be posted when recieved. :D



Omg! They're bombing heaven! [April 10, 2006 @ 11:46pm]
Hahaha! South Park Rocks! Recent episode i watched:

"Mr President, We believe it is Suddam Hussein"

"But we secretly killed him months ago."

"Yes, we did. But he's building weapons of mass destruction...on heaven."


"Sir, i think it is necessary for us to... bomb heaven"

Haha. This stuff is great.

Goo Goo Dolls! [April 10, 2006 @ 4:51pm]
I GOT GOO GOO DOLLS TICKETS! WOOOOHOOOOO! Ok, so i paid $50 a ticket, but that's ok. it's totally worth it. And i hope i can get a t-shirt :). Expect lots of pictures wednesday evening some time. :)

HOLY SHIT! [April 09, 2006 @ 3:41pm]
I am such a bad fan! I found out today that the GOO GOO DOLLS are coming to TORONTO on TUESDAY! Tickets sold out in minutes, as the Opera House is a small venue, and they sold out saturday morning. I could have camped out friday night to get tickets for christ's sake. Especially for $20 a piece! But no, of course not. I find out the day after, when they're all gone and on eBay for $100 a pair...which i'm actually thinking heavily about(i know, but c'mon, they're my favorite band, and this is such a small place!) i just need to get the $ together. Ugh. I'm holding out though, in hopes of somebody on craigslist or here, with my lovely Livejournalers coming through at a better price. I can only hope. Either way, i think i'm gonna find a way to go. :D


I know, i know. Another one. [April 06, 2006 @ 7:28pm]
Sorry to bore you all, but my creative genius has been lost within myself for a little bit now. You needn't worry however, i feel it coming back with each passing moment. Until i feel confident enough to write something of my own, here's another random google thing.

1.Type in your birthday (minus the year) in the search bar at Wikipedia.org
2.List three interesting facts, two births, and one death that happened on your birthday.

April 26

1456 - A retrial verdict acquits Joan of Arc of heresy 25 years after her death.

1863 - United States begins first military draft; exemptions cost $100

2005 - Terrorist explosions occur on the London Underground network and on a London Bus.

1940 - Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey), English drummer and singer (The Beatles)
1969 - Joe Sakic, Canadian hockey player

1307 - King Edward I of England
1930 - Arthur Conan Doyle, Scottish writer
Although not in the rules, i figured i'd pay respect to those of the London incident - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casualties_of_the_7_July_2005_London_bombings

Upon further review, most of these are pretty cool, except for the London thing...that was a pretty sad thing to wake up to on your 19th birthday.

[April 06, 2006 @ 4:37pm]

Here are the questions and Answers people had for the guy regarding his wife's box.

Read more...Collapse )


A Slice of Nostalgia Pie [April 06, 2006 @ 2:28am]
Anybody under the age of 16 should not read this. Just cuz you were born in '92 doesn't mean you're a 90's kid. It's not like you could remember the original Simpsons.

Read more...Collapse )

And with that, peace.


I can't wait for this summer's World Cup. [March 28, 2006 @ 5:52pm]
I've been looking forward to this world cup for quite a while now. The World Cup is where you'll see the best soccer ever played. And i think England has a pretty good shot this year, what with Rooney and Owen on the wings and Beckham(who's overrated, but still pretty good) in the Middle with Gerard on Defense. They're gonna do well. Assuming they don't need penalty kicks to win. They can't seem to do that. Haha. I even sat and watched the Barcelona/Benefica game and the Arsenal/Juventus game. I normally don't watch anybody other than Manchester United and International games. But it was pretty damn good soccer, i must say. Not as good as the world cup will be, but it's good.
Thank you. That is all.


Holy Bananas Batman! He Hasn't posted in a week! [March 28, 2006 @ 12:16pm]
[ mood | moody ]

So i havn't posted in a while. Mostly because i've been busy with avoiding my papers through alot of movies;the only disadvantage to taking two film classes in the same year, is that i tell myself i'm watching these movies for research. I however, have also done some work on what i've been supposed to be doing. It may be a tad bit too late though, i fear. My 2nd year in university was quite a disappointment for yours truly. And that's all i'm going to say. But anyhow, i'm taking some time out to write now. Although i'm not sure where i'll be by the end of this.

So, I got fired Friday, for a comment i made to liz on a piece of paper on thursday. A comment which Liz herself laughed at, and a paper in which was never supposed to get into the hands of the store manager/ Loss prevention head office lady who hates me. That dirty cuntrag. Although the comment wasn't directed toward her, she automatically assumed it, and that was the end. I knew it. I explained what happened, and that didn't seem to matter much. So i was sent home and told i'd get a call friday. Friday comes and i'm asked by my manager if I "can come up to her office?". Cue the Dun Dun Dun. I walk out of my house and to work knowing i'm about to get fired. I walk into the store and make a point to say hi to Liz, and to tell her i was on my way up to get fired. She said good luck, which i was pretty thankful for, despite the fact i knew it was of no use by this point. I walked upstairs, headphones on and walked into her office and plopped down. I shut my music off and took off my headphones. "Kevin, i'm afraid we're letting you go. You look like you knew that it was coming though." I said yeah, and made sure to ask why the LP lady assumed i was talking about her. I was fed some "i don't know what she was thinking" bullshit. And then had an argument about how much bullshit it was that i'm getting fired for a comment i made to a friend as a joke, which was laughed at and the paper by total fluke ended up in their hands. She said it wasn't her decision, deflecting blame to head office as per usual. Surely she made no attempts to keep me there, and i know it happened on friday because it was Rose's day off, so i had absolutely no backup - the only people who knew what happened was Kerry and the LP lady. Until it went around that i got fired.

However, the night wasn't a total wash, my cousin and i went out with a buddy til about 7 am. Now my job search begins though, which sucks. But i'll get there.

Anyway, that's all i wish to say today.
Word of advice: If it's on paper, shred it, or eat it.


[March 20, 2006 @ 11:56am]
[ mood | melancholy ]

*sigh* Life is difficult and i don't wanna play anymore. But i'm not gonna get into any of that. I've been pretty shitty emotionally the last while, and thats' all anybody needs to know :P. So, to take my mind off of things for the next 5 minutes, i bring you one of those quiz things. I stole it from a friend.


Open iTunes/iPod or Windows Media Player to answer the following. Go to your library. Answer, no matter how embarrassing it is.

My current Itunes Library:

How many songs?
708 (small, but most of my music is backed up and/or on authentic cd)

Sort by artist
First artist: 30 Seconds To Mars
Last artist: Weezer

Sort by song title
First Song: ...Of By Heart - City and Colour
Last Song: Your Ex-Lover is Dead - Stars

Sort by time
Shortest Song: (Intro) - Broken Social Scene - 37 seconds
Longest Song: Um, i'm not sure - i've got about an hour long radio interview of Billy Corgan, but that's broken up, so Ricky Gervais Podcasts aside, Papercutz - K-os is the longest
Sort by album
First Album: A Fever You Can't Sweat Out - Panic! At The Disco
Last Album: X&Y - Coldplay

First song that comes up on shuffle: Guerrila Radio - Rage Against The Machine

How many songs come up when you search for "sex"? 1
How many songs come up when you search for "death"? 3
How many songs come up when you search for "love"? 32
Current Music: We Were Made For Eachother/ You Can Breathe - Jack's Mannequin

Ok. So that's done. 5 minutes later, and i continue to feel unfulfilled. Whatever.
This is the first semi-post from me. Hopefully, it'll be my last. It should be. I don't wanna subject anybody to my unhappy drivel. It's not worth reading anyway. Til next time....
Take her easy, and if she's easy, take her twice.

My Aunts Rock. [March 17, 2006 @ 1:27am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

If i had to pick a favourite aunt,and only one, i'd have a tough decision on my hands.

On the one hand i've got my Aunt Tracey, the semi-single, successful, and new-mother on the one hand, who has suffered through alot of hardships in her life, but keeps on going, laughing and smiling pretty much everytime i speak with her. Even though she lives in nova scotia, i can hear and feel both respectively, through the phone. And we can flip conversation topic at the turn of a dime. I think we both have trouble getting a word in with one another, believe it or not, despite subject matter or seriousness. She taught me how to drive too, well, actually, she let me drive my own way, usually because she'd come by after work and she'd let me drive her home in scarborough in rush hour. All we did was talk, for most of it. She did offer guidance where needed though. And i'm a very confident driver, thanks to her. Being taught to drive in rush hour probably has that kind of effect. Oh, and today, out of the blue, my household received mail from Aunt Tracey. There was one for everybody, but mine was different from the rest. She actually gave me a card addressed to me, not with the purpose of sending pictures of Grace(her newborn daughter)Spooky(her cat, yeah, she's weird like that) and a "hi how are ya", she actually sent me my own card. While the message inside was simple, it was effective. The card itself was a "study" on my name, and it was actually pretty cool. Inside, was a purple post-it note with my aunt's hand-written note - Hi Kevin, Cool card eh? Hope you like it. Keep up with the studies! Good work. Love Aunt Tracey. I Miss You :)<--her own smiley face.
It was simple yet pretty thoughtful, i think. It was pretty cool. Made my day, that's for sure.

Not to take anything away from Aunt Tracey, i now present, on the other hand, my Aunt Tanya. My aunt Tanya is quite the woman. The youngest on my mom's side, so she's easily the most relatable to, and easy-going, and successful (she's gone from Newfoundland, to meeting her to-be husband in North Carolina to moving to Germany to live with him - she's a nurse, he's a doctor). Because of her schedule, which, as a nurse, is very hectic, we don't talk too often, but when we do, our conversations are always refreshing. She's very knowledgable so conversations range from the mundane to the political, to bullshit shenanigans. But she's always got some good advice or words of wisdom for me when we talk. And now that i'm thinking about her, i distinctly remember her telling me about a movie she absolutely loved, and said i should watch and never had heard of before. She was right though, it was an outstanding film. City of God is what it's called. It comes highly recommended by me, and if you don't trust me, you should be able to trust my aunt, the Nurse :P.

All in all, i don't know if i could ever choose between the two as my favorite aunt, it's just not possible. I mean, i'm pretty lucky actually, to be faced with such a decision. haha. But i love my aunts. And my uncles. My family is awesome.


P.S. I had pictures of my card taken, but i can't find the cord to get them onto the computer. Blah.


I am a feminist [March 15, 2006 @ 10:27pm]

Haha. Thanks Liz. That's awesome. That's exactly how i feel. lol. i'm a feminist, i told Liz on the bus today. At least when i'm asked to have an opinion worth marks, i'm a feminist. I pick the topics i can be most like an angry woman about, and i speak from the angry woman's point of view. it's awesome. i'm definitely a feminist, no matter what definition you'll throw at me. i'm a feminist. dammit.


Shampoo Wars [March 15, 2006 @ 4:42pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

In light of Adam Sandler's Shampoo vs. Conditioner war,(which can be found here: http://www.wavlist.com/movies/010/bm-shampoo.wav ) i have decided that for me, Conditioner wins. Why, you ask? While yes, Shampoo cleans the hair, Conditioner can make your hair feel great no matter how dirty it can get.
I mean, c'mon. Me, fresh outta the shower

We all know how much you wanna run your hands through my hair. I wanna run my hands through my hair. Playing with hair is so awesome. Silky hair is sexy. Umph. Haha. I know you want it.

P.s. Yes, i know i'm a cam whore
P.p.s Conditioner 1 - 0 Shampoo
P.p.p.s Umph! Go conditioner!


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